t’s great that you’re interested in a place with us!

The preschool is part of the City of Stockholm’s joint queuing system and follows the same rules. This means that we have the same opening hours, 06:30–18:30 on weekdays, as required. You can find out more on the municipality’s website.

If you’d like help with putting your child in the queue, you can call the preschool Contact Centre on 08-508 00 508.

If you have any questions about the queue, please feel free to contact our superintendent. For questions about activities or a tour, please contact the local manager.

About our settling-in process

Starting at preschool is a major event for children and their families. Children have different experiences of other children and adults outside the family. For your child to have a good time with us, it’s important that there is a good settling-in period. Even children who have already been to a preschool need a settling-in period, now that they are in a new environment. The times and schedule for the settling-in period are the same, regardless of whether the child has been to preschool before.

We start the process with a settling-in discussion. Members of teaching staff will contact you to book a time for the discussion, which takes about 30 minutes. Both children and guardians take part in this discussion.

Schedule for the first three days

Day one: 09:30–11:30/12:00

Days two and three: 09:30–14:30

During the first three settling-in days, you as guardian will be present with your child from 09:35–14:30.

As of day four, the child is left at the preschool without their guardian.

Parent-assisted settling-in

As guardian, you are active and take part in activities. This means that you are involved and participate in the activities initiated by teaching staff, games in the schoolyard, painting, singing, reading books, etc.

As guardian, you are responsible for security, which means that you change nappies and help settle your child for a nap. This involves you providing the reassurance the child needs to get to know new classmates and adults in a new environment with new things that the child has not seen before. The idea is that the child is able to get used to the routines at the preschool, such as fruit snack, assembly, lunch, rest, etc.

We will have a dialogue with you as guardian on an ongoing basis about your own child’s settling-in period. Mobile phones must be switched off throughout the settling-in period.

Feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure about anything!