t’s great that you’re interested in a place with us!

The preschool is part of the City of Stockholm’s joint queuing system and follows the same rules. This means that we have the same opening hours, 06:30–18:30 on weekdays, as required. You can find out more on the municipality’s website.

If you’d like help with putting your child in the queue, you can call the preschool Contact Centre on 08-508 00 508.

If you have any questions about the queue, please feel free to contact our superintendent. For questions about activities or a tour, please contact the local manager.

Our introduction process

Starting preschool is a big event both to you and your child. Our goal is that the introduction to preschool should be an exciting, joyful and safe experience to the whole family. Here you can read more about the first period - the introduction - in Pysslingen Preschools.

Introduction conversation

Before the introduction, you will be contacted by the preschool's pedagogues for a conversation where you get to know each other. The educators tell you about how the introduction is done, what is expected of you and who at the preschool is responsible for your particular child during the introduction. You also discuss the length and structure of the introduction.

The educators would like to know more about your child - everything to be able to meet you in the best way and adapt the introduction to your child's needs.

Parental active introduction

We apply parental active introduction. This means that during the first few days your child gets to discover and explore the preschool together with you.

As a guardian, you actively participate with your child in singing sessions, diaper changes, meals and other activities. In this way, you get a good insight into the preschool's routines.

When the child gradually becomes more secure, you may leave your child in the ward with the pedagogues for short periods of time. When your child is ready and has established a good relationship with the teachers, you leave the child at preschool. It usually takes about three to five days. However, it can vary from child to child and we adapt this to your needs.

Your opinions are important

In order for us to constantly be able to develop our business, it is important for us to be able to share your experience about the introduction and how we can make it even better. When the introduction is over, we therefore invite you to a follow-up conversation where you and your child's teachers talk about how the introduction period has been.

You will also receive a written questionnaire with the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement.