About the Katrineberg preschool

The Katrineberg preschool is situated in a car-free residential area at the top of Katrinebergsbacken. We have our own schoolyard and are close to a number of parks and areas of countryside. At the same time, the preschool is close to the centre of Liljeholmen, with the urban pulse and communications that this offers.

We work on the basis of our policy documents: Lpfö 18 and Pysslingen’s other quality tools. Together with the children, we create an everyday life pervaded by security, play and a caring approach to learning, with the child’s influence and participation as important elements.

We strive to “see all children”, and to create reassurance and harmony. We create learning environments that encourage curiosity and exploration, while at the same time stimulating development.


Members of teaching staff speak both English and Swedish and come from different countries. The children meet us every day in a multicultural learning environment. language and communication form a major element of our teaching, and we also use images and characters to offer support. We work with fairy tales and storytelling, singing and rhyming, we often read books and sometimes use literature digitally through apps.

Sustainable development and Green Flag

Through a process-oriented approach centred around natural materials and exploration as an attitude, children encounter the various subjects in the syllabus in a joint project. We work with sustainable development and Green Flag, with a focus on science, animals and nature, and build an understanding of the environment. Together, we raise awareness of and develop our senses. We want to make use of the opportunities that exist in the natural world around us, and care for our environment and the creatures that live here. The children’s interests drive the project forwards and shape the activities.

Opening hours

We follow the City of Stockholm’s rules on opening hours, and guardians are entitled to care for their children on all weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 06:30–18:30, if needed. Children in our preschool are insured in an accident insurance through Stockholm City.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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