Pyss kommer med sin pappa till förskolan Pysslingen

Our contact with you as a guardian

For collaboration between preschool and guardian to work well, it is important for the child and you as guardian that you are able to access information, participation and influence through the planned forums described below. Good, regular communication means that you can be involved and influence your child’s development and learning at the preschool.

The daily encounter

The daily encounter, when children are delivered and collected, is important to us. It is an opportunity for you and teaching staff to maintain a dialogue to collaborate around the child’s well-being, development and learning at preschool. The child is encouraged to speak for itself and describe his/her day at preschool with the support of teaching staff.

Development appraisal

We offer development appraisals twice every academic year; additional discussions are arranged if requested. We hold a follow-up discussion after the settling-in period.

Parents’ meeting

We offer parents’ meetings twice every academic year. These give us the opportunity to inform and discuss the preschool’s activities together. What we’re working on right now and what plans there are for the future. It’s also a good opportunity to meet other guardians and make contacts.

Mitt Pysslingen for ongoing information

Mitt Pysslingen is our digital platform and channel for guardians. It provides continuous updates on the child’s development and learning in images and text, and this forms the basis of the development appraisal. The platform is also used to send weekly newsletters/letters about events, with information about what’s been done during the week. The management team also uses Mitt Pysslingen to send a monthly letter and other important information.

Parents’ forum

The Parents’ forum is a forum in which the preschool’s management team invites all guardians to get involved in the preschool’s development. There are presentations of plans, ideas and new features that concern the whole preschool. We discuss issues concerning the preschool from various perspectives, highlight current issues and thoughts about the preschool’s curriculum and tuition, and inform about our systematic work on quality.

Annual customer survey

Every year, guardians are asked to respond to a survey about the preschool and our activities. This is an important tool for our development going forward.