About Johannelund preschool

We shape the learning environments in the departments on the basis of the children’s age and situation, and create corners that can challenge them to progress. The environment is inviting and adapted to the age and interests of the children, to inspire them to choose activities for themselves. Good order in the rooms and keeping things in the right place create reassurance for the children. Singing, dancing and movement are important elements of everyday life at the preschool.

Project-oriented work method

At Johannelund, we have a project-oriented work method in which we start with the interests and needs of the children. Members of teaching staff observe and listen to what the children are interested in, and then become actively involved in exploring together with the children. During the day, the children are divided into small groups indoors and outdoors, to create the best conditions for play and learning.

Play and learning

The environment should be accessible for all children and inspire them to play together and to explore the world around them, and support the children’s development, learning, play and communication. Play has a central role in the education. An attitude embraced by everyone who is part of the work team and an environment that encourages play confirm the importance of play for children’s development, learning and well-being. 

An active presence makes it possible to support communication between the children and to prevent and manage conflicts.

Opening hours

We follow the City of Stockholm’s rules on opening hours, and guardians are entitled to care for their children on all weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 06:30–18:30, if needed. Children in our preschool are insured in an accident insurance through Stockholm City.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

pedagog hjälper barn sätta på stövel pysslingen förskola

“Good, regular communication means that you can be involved and influence your child’s development and learning at the preschool.”

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