About our settling-in process

Starting at preschool is a major event! So we want to make sure you have the best possible start. The settling-in period is a great chance for us to get to know each other. We can get to know your child in peace and quiet, and find out more about what your child likes, what routines he or she is used to and what you as a parent think is important for your child.

Parent-assisted settling-in

The settling-in period here is based on a good partnership between us, the teaching staff, and you, the guardian. For us, it’s important that you know how we work and what your role is in the settling-in process.

Parent-assisted settling-in means that you stay with your child at the preschool for the first four days and “show the way”. This means that you also familiarise yourself with all of our procedures: games, activities, meals, rest and toilet visits.

If you as a parent are positive and active during the settling-in period, you help your child to realise that preschool is a fun place to be and that your child can feel secure here.

Time to hand over to teaching staff

After about four days, it’s time to hand your child over to us, the teaching staff. It is important that you now feel secure and ready. If you or your child need a few more days, it’s fine to extend the settling-in period. When you have left your child at preschool, you need to be contactable by phone for the rest of the settling-in period, and be prepared to come and collect your child if we phone for you.

To bear in mind before the settling-in period

Once you have accepted a place with us, we send you all the information you need ahead of the settling-in period. A member of teaching staff from our department where your child will be starting contacts you to follow up on any questions and thoughts you may have before your child starts.

As a parent, it can be a good idea to prepare your workplace for the fact that you’ll be busy helping your child to settle in at preschool over the next few days. Settling in often works best when you can take it easy and feel relaxed.

You don’t need to take anything special with you on the first day, unless the preschool has asked you to. In due course, it’s a good idea to bring some spare clothes and rain clothes to keep on the shelf. You also need to make sure that the preschool has correct contact details for you. When your child starts with us, it will be given a “Pixibok” book, a rucksack and a smart canvas bag with Pyss and Ling on it. Pyss and Ling are Pysslingen Preschools’ figures, which you and your child will be encountering in various ways during preschool.

We look forward to a fun time and good collaboration around your child!