hylla med barnböcker på olika språk

About the Mimer preschool

Here at Mimer preschool in Rissne, we focus on family, movement and language.


Together, we discover and interpret words and languages we hear around us, and reflect on how they can help us to understand each other and the world around us. We work with Swedish and many other languages.

There is a library at the Mimer preschool, from which families can borrow books and take them home to promote reading and talking about books. We also have access to the digital library Polyglutt, which can be used both independently and together with a member of teaching staff. Polyglutt is a service that all of our families can access at home, with hundreds of books in many different languages.

We gather in our reading environments indoors, out in our schoolyard and in our language walks, when we play with words, letters and terms. We boost the language with the aid of supporting characters and pictorial aids. We have an excellent partnership with the library and make use of their extensive cultural offering. Children can take part in exciting storytelling sessions and discussions about books every day.


We know that children are healthy, happier and concentrate better if they have plenty of movement, and that an active lifestyle even at an early age is important. This is why we have various movement-based activities every day together with the children. We offer time outdoors, dancing, obstacle courses, movement-based games, language walks and much more besides.

We start every week at the Mimer preschool with a “Bounce into Monday” session, in which we do some morning gymnastics with the children and their families and enjoy a tasty smoothie together.


We work in close collaboration with you as a family, discussing your child’s needs and interests so that we can plan their education.

At Mimer, we have parent-assisted settling-in, or induction, so that your child and you as a guardian can experience a secure start with us. This means that you as a guardian spend at least three full days at preschool, so that we can get to know each other and jointly understand the child’s needs.

The safety patrol is Pysslingen’s method of giving children the opportunity to have their voices heard on issues that concern them. Together, we put words to feelings associated with the environment and structure of the preschool. The safety patrol is our way of teaching about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

As a family, you can get involved in various ways during our regular traditional days: All of Pysslingen gets moving, All of Pysslingen loves reading and All of Pysslingen for a sustainable environment.

Opening hours

The Mimer preschool follows Sundbyberg Municipality’s rules on opening hours. Guardians are entitled to care for their children on all weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 06:30–18:30, if needed.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Pedagog på förskola äter med barnen

“The daily encounter, when children are delivered and collected, is important to us.”

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