Pyss kommer med sin pappa till förskolan Pysslingen

Our contact with you as a guardian

At Katrineberg, we want to involve guardians in our activities, which is why we offer several forms of collaboration: follow-up discussions, Mitt Pysslingen, development appraisals, guardians’ meetings and “coffee with management”, as well as a customer survey.

After the induction process has been completed, the preschool invites you to a follow-up discussion. This gives us the chance to chat about how you and your child perceived the induction process, and you’re able to ask any questions that have arisen during the initial period at preschool.

Mitt Pysslingen

We use an app called Mitt Pysslingen. This provides you with information and the educational letter that is sent out once a month. It also documents your child’s development and learning in image and text in a learning log, to which only you as guardian have access. In Mitt Pysslingen, you can also follow various projects and activities that are taking place in the department and at the preschool.

Development appraisal

Every term, we invite you to a development appraisal. We view this discussion as a valuable meeting, at which we talk together about your child’s development and learning, and how the preschool and the home can coordinate our resources so that together we form a whole in the child’s development. It is also a good opportunity for you as a guardian to ask questions and submit preferences.

Guardians' meeting

We also invite you to a guardians’ meeting every term. The nature of this meeting can vary and involve everything from information to a dialogue on educational matters and the preschool’s development.

Preschool council

Once a term, we invite you to preschool council. The preschool council includes local management team and preschool council representatives. The purpose of the preschool council is to create cooperation and dialogue between home and preschool to contribute to the preschool's continued development. At the pre-school council, we discuss overarching issues that concern the entire pre-school.