Our contact with you as a guardian

The daily encounter

The encounter is at the heart of our activities and our most important tool in succeeding with our undertaking. Those brief, daily conversations when children are delivered and collected are therefore extremely significant for us.

Parents’ meetings

Each department holds its own parents’ meetings once a year. The autumn term starts with a meeting at which the department describes its activities and the group of parents has the chance to meet each other.

Development appraisal

Once a term, we issue invitations to development appraisals. This is where we discuss your child’s time at the preschool together, and chat in greater detail about your child’s well-being, development and learning. As a guardian, you’re also welcome to book an individual meeting with teaching staff or the preschool’s management team if you like.

Preschool council

The preschool council is a council that represents parents at the preschool. It is a forum that is there to bring together questions, ideas and thoughts that parents have and that concern the whole of Gläntan. All guardians are extremely welcome to attend these meetings, which usually take place twice a term. There is no need to register in advance. 

If you have any questions about the preschool council or want to put forward a comment, talk to a local manager or contact the head of the preschool, you can find the contact details here.

You can find the dates for the preschool council in the calendar. We alternate between meetings in the morning and evening, to suit everyone who is interested.

Mitt Pysslingen

We use the digital communication tool Mitt Pysslingen to communicate with guardians. This is where we blog about the day at the preschool and write an individual learning log for your particular child. You will be given login details for Mitt Pysslingen when your child starts with us. You can also find information from the preschool’s management team at Mitt Pysslingen.

Annual customer survey

Twice a year, parents have the chance to respond to a survey about the preschool and its activities. One questionnaire comes from Stockholm Municipality and one from Pysslingen. We analyse the results from the survey and work with them throughout the academic year in order to strive to achieve continuous development and high quality at our preschool.

Summer party

Every year, we invite parents and children to our traditional summer party. All parents bring their own contributions to create a gigantic buffet.

Drop-in coffee

A few times every year, we issue invitations to a drop-in coffee session, where guardians and their children have the chance to meet up, and the children can show the activities under way at the preschool.

Final discussion for children leaving to start school

Before children start school, we invite you to a final discussion, to make the transition between preschool and school as smooth as possible.