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About Fyren

Our vision: “Children are our future, and this is shaped in every encounter” lays the foundations for daily activities at the preschool.

At the Fyren preschool, we want every single child to feel seen, secure and believe in their own ability. We want every single child to develop according to their own conditions. Children’s influence is important at Fyren. By making use of the children’s interests and needs, we shape projects in which we as members of teaching staff develop the children’s abilities based on the goals of the curriculum. We want the child to develop skills and abilities that they can use for the rest of their lives. One quality on which we place particular emphasis is that children develop their social skills. For us, this is when a child immerses itself in the interests and needs of others, expresses its opinion, feels involved and can influence its everyday life.

Sustainable development and the environment

Fyren is striving to become a Green Flag-certified preschool. This means that we are working to achieve a sustainable society. We work to ensure that children care for our environment in a conscious way from an early age.

We also adopt a long-term approach by being a Toxin-free Preschool. This means that the suppliers we collaborate with on the procurement of toys and other material used by the children all work with toxin-free materials that are approved for our children. This also applies for major purchases of furniture and the like. Regarding ingredients and other food in the kitchen, we are moving over increasingly to organic items. Our attitude is that we can all contribute towards sustainable development, in all things great and small.

Opening hours

We follow Nynäshamn Municipality’s rules on opening hours, and guardians are entitled to care for their children on all weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 06:30–18:30, if needed.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Pedagog hjälper barn på förskola

“The encounter is at the heart of our activities and our most important tool”

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